Don't be afraid to speak up

Isn’t it frustrating when people ignore their instincts and just accept that a person of authority knows better? Is it the person of authority who should attempt to discover the natural talent or the individual’s fault for not speaking up?

I was having lunch with a doctor and the subject of Little League Baseball came up. Both of our kids played for several seasons and he told me about a young man on his son’s T-Ball team. He portrayed him as a nice kid that tried hard but had so much trouble hitting the ball off the tee. It would usually take him several tries because he would hit the tee instead of the ball or miss completely. The boy was a hard worker and was having fun even though he didn’t play well, and at that age, no one thought too much about it.

After the season had ended, the team had a party to celebrate the time they spent together. One of the parents brought a piñata and since they thought this boy wouldn’t do much damage to it and didn’t want him to miss out on trying, they had him go first. The kid BEAT THE STUFFING OUT OF IT! How did he do it after batting so poorly all season? The kid was a natural LEFT handed batter but no one knew.

For those of you with a limited knowledge of baseball, when the hitter enters the batter’s box they have to line up perpendicular to the plate and most people who play baseball are right-handed batters. This young man threw the ball with his right hand but was a left-handed batter. (For all of you golfing fans Phil Mickelson is the same way.) During the piñata pummeling, he didn’t have to line up with anything and could swing naturally. All the coaches along with his parents thought he would bat right-handed and at that age, the expectations concerning hitting were set pretty low. With the expectations minimized, no one challenged it.

Is it the fault of the coaches and parents for not noticing and/or trying to have him swing left-handed? Was it the fault of the boy for not speaking up? I would guess the boy didn’t know his ability and thus couldn’t speak up for himself and as for the adults, well this is a baseball story, so to reference <u>The Bad News Bears</u>, they ASS-U-ME(d) wrong.

When you visit with your doctor don’t be afraid to offer information and ask questions.


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