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I was a Whistleblower against Takeda Pharmaceuticals over the drug Dexilant.  My case, Nathan v. Takeda Pharmaceuticals, went all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, where they sent it to the Solicitor General for his feedback.  After consideration, the US Supreme Court declined to take my case on appeal allowing the 4th Circuit Rule 9(b) standard to continue.  The Rule 9(b) legal issue is literally dividing the country.  Four Circuits view the standard one way and four Circuits view the standard another way.  The courts ruled against me, while potentially putting American patients at risk.  Since I lost in the courtroom, by not being allowed to show the proof I had, I will show it in my book and win in the court of public opinion while making the potential health risk known.


Dexilant is a prescription drug used for heartburn, with most patients unknowingly taking double the FDA indicated dose. The FDA indicated dose for GERD (heartburn) is 30mg but most patients have been put on 60mg and continue on that dose to this day.  All of the medical literature on Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI’s), as well as the FDA approved package insert for Dexilant, state to use the lowest dose for the shortest duration due to the risk of bone fractures.  My estimates are that around 500,000 Americans are taking Dexilant and need to be made aware of the issue.  Please forward this information to your friends to make them aware of the risk and to gain access to my book, which is referenced with legal documents, court documents, FDA documents, medical journals, and Dexilant facts they will want to know. 


I published a book about my Whistleblower experience with two goals: (1) to make the public aware of a potential health risk that could affect thousands of Americans, and (2) to advocate for an amendment to the False Claims Act to clarify the law on Rule 9(b) which is dividing our country’s courts.

I was in pharmaceutical sales for twenty years, fifteen years with Takeda.  In June 2017 I was involved in a situation that would give me a new outlook on life.  I was at the shooting of the Republican baseball team in Alexandria, VA.  I took the video, trying to help in any way I could, since running and exposing myself wasn’t an option. And now after running from my whistleblower experience for years, I need to expose the truth.

My book, Heartburn, Broken Bones, and The False Claims Act is available on 

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